Microsoft Access Development and Support

I specialise in development and maintenance of Microsoft Access , Excel and VBA applications.

Microsoft Access

Access is a brilliant product suitable for controlled data entry and allows you to have multiple users adding data at the same time. In addition, you can analyse and report on large volumes of data easily and quickly.

I have designed and maintain systems written in access that are used to run large and small business and are integrated to ERP and sales systems. I work with all version of Access.


I have been developing Access, Excel and Visual studio applications for over 30 years and have developed a large library of applications and code to help our clients’ resolve issues quickly.

If you need some training on VBA, or need one to one tuition for your Excel or Access applications, I can visit your site or connect to your PC remotely to help, depending on the amount of work involved.


Adding Macros to your Excel model will automate many repetitive tasks such as moving and sorting data, printing, emailing reports by department, or importing data from another source.

Automating these tasks will improve the utility of your Excel model and allow more users to use the spreadsheet efficiently. We can automate your Excel models by adding macros to save you time.


Waste ManagementWritten in Access and linked to Access or SQL database. The application automated the monthly recurring charges for bin rentals and allowed the users to enter the weekly collections by customer , create and post the monthly invoices to Sage Line 508
WholeSale DistributorsCreated routing lists for drivers to deliver products and obtain proof of delivery on a handheld device. The drivers had the option to sell extra products , with back office users adding orders for future dates or enter transactions which were delivered or 40+
Student Assistance AdministrationRecording the applications by students for student assistance grant , creating payment UCC
Retailer POS ManagementDatabase to control the locations and serial numbers of all the EPOS equipment nationwide and create annual maintenance invoices which are exported to Oracle Musgrave
Groupage ManagementScheduling and tracking of loads. Orders are grouped based on geography for loading and delivery for the following week.Clogrennane Lime
Client OnBoardingAn ETL process to transform the client data for loading into Fund Connect. The program created SQL scripts to populate the database with the clients data. State Street
ReportingUsing rest api’s to extract data from the Oracle database for reporting or query purposesState Street
Freight BookingsEnd to End system designed to book hauliers on ferries throughout Europe. The system sends the booking to the ferry company and once confirmed the haulier is sent a confirmation on text or email as configured. The system was also integarted to the website and processed both the suppliers invoices and sales invoices.Victor Treacy
Haulage BookingDatabase for haulage companies to track the booking by customer delivery locations and ensure all the necessary paperwork was completed. At month end all supplier and sales invoices were created and loaded to the accounting system3+