Access Projects

I have been developing Access, Excel and Visual studio applications for over 30 years and have developed a large library of applications and code to help our clients’ resolve issues quickly. If you need some training on VBA, or need one to one tuition for your Excel or Access applications, we can visit your site or connect to your PC remotely to help, depending on the amount of work involved.

Remote support is charged by the hour and our rates are very competitive – contact us for more details.

Some of my recent projects are listed below

  • Creating a complete POC for a Fund trading and management to illustrate the relationships between the tables and how the messages would flow through the system.
  • Automated the import and matching of supplier’s invoices to freight booking using the booking reference. Suppliers invoices were in various formats from CSV, Excel and XML were imported and matched to the booking and sales invoices were created and loaded into Sage Lien 50.
  • Automated the process of logging into the DTCC portal each night and downloading the reports by instrument. The system used Cloakware to retrieve the credentials to connect to the portal. The system downloaded over 500 reports each night and saved over 2.5 FTE for the department.
  • System Maintenance on database applications, I used the Microsoft Task Scheduler to automatically run system maintenance tasks each night to compact the database programs. I also use scheduled tasks to create client summary group reports. The system generated over 1400 reports each night which are loaded to a SharePoint site.
  • For wholesalers I created programs which automated the invoice creation from thousands of delivery dockets. Dockets were recorded on handheld devices.
  • Used Xceptor to parse and normalise data from brokers into a table for matching against the client transactions. The process on another machine would call on the client’s ledgers using Interactive Excel download and extract and parse the XML to load and match against the broker data. These processes were running 24/7 on independent machines.
  • Automation of reporting process to extract the spending reports and circulate to 140 departments. The system linking directly to the Coda system and extracting the reports as PDF files and sending by email. Reports were also loaded to an intranet site and access controlled by password to allow users to self-serve the report delivery.
  • Access database to load data from brokers and link to the inhouse ledger system to create Cash-tie out reporting and reconciliation of finance fees
  • Normalised broker data from multiple sources into a single table and applied the business rules consistently with four eyes approval of any adjustments required.
  • Access Application to automate and reconcile the reporting required for EMIR/ASIC .
  • Access Apps which linked to several accounting solutions including Sage, Herbst, Coda, Exchequer, Agresso and others. Payment processing solutions included Direct Debit, SEPA and EDI integrations.
  • Designed a freight booking system linked to SQL backend to take customer booking and send via XML to the shipping companies. The returned booking reference was sent to the customer via text message. The system also automatically processed the accounts payables, direct debits or credit card payments and loaded the sales invoices to Sage.
  • Creation of a global funds register for State Street loaded to collaborate to allow a web front end for fund queries or reports by Clients or Groups. The system links to the MCH accounting system to retrieve fund static data as a scheduled job which speeds the input or addition for new funds.
  • Client on-boarding application to take the excel loading files and create the required Oracle SQL update or insert scripts.