VBA Solutions

I have used Access for over 25 years and it is a brilliant product suitable for controlled data entry and allows you to have multiple users adding data at the same time.

If you have inherited an Access system or need help expanding or speeding up your application send me the details and I will give you some suggestions or quote to provide some customisation.

Support Systems

This section contains reviews of various customer support systems and details of how to install and customise the solution.

You can link to the online solutions for reporting and billing purposes, or create activity reports for your customers.

We use OS Ticket as our support solution. This is an open source solution available from osticket.com. Other options are details in the Read more button below

Data Gathering

In this Covid era we all need to move away from physical documents and get our data and documents online.

There are a host of web forms which allow users to customise the data gathering process and add workflow to allow you to stream the documents through your organisation.

I have detailed a few examples in this section.