Printing comments on an excel sheet

Feb 24

Select File page Setup
Select the Sheet option
Beside comments select “As Displayed on Sheet”

Changing the System Date with VBA

Feb 23

I needed to reload files into an access database and process the contents based on the system date. To avoid having to process each file manually, I found that you can change the system date of the computer with this vba code

Date= #23-Feb-2011#

And you can also set the time , a bit too easy !

Sage 2011 integration for MASC and Wrap

Feb 16

We have updated our programs to support Sage 2011 version 17

Please call us before you upgrade to ensure you have the correct software version

SAP BOM Upload File

Feb 16

To load a BOM into SAP we needed to create a XML file with a hierarchy of the BOM.

To start this project in Access you will need to set a reference to ChilkatXML and have a recordset for the BOM items.

Function Make_SAP_XML()
Dim xml As New ChilkatXml
Dim MT_TPC_BOM As ChilkatXml
Dim ProductHeader As ChilkatXml
Dim Systems As ChilkatXml
Dim System As ChilkatXml
Dim SystemItems As ChilkatXml
Dim SystemItem As ChilkatXml
Dim ATOComponents As ChilkatXml
Dim ATOComponent As ChilkatXml
Dim rst As Recordset
Dim tmpSystemLine As Integer
Dim tmpSystem As String, tmpOrder
Dim tmpItemNo As Integer, tmpOrderLine As Integer
xml.Tag = "MT_TPC_BOM"
xml.AddAttribute "xmlns:nr1", ""
Set ProductHeader = xml.NewChild("ProductHeader", "")
'set the header values
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "ConfigSource", "TPC"
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "TPCVersion", "7.3k"
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "TPCInternalDate", Format(Date, "mm/dd/yyyy")
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "TPCEngInfoDate", Format(Date, "mm/dd/yyyy")
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "TPCEngInfoFileVersion", "1.0"
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "CommerciallyComplete", "Y"
ProductHeader.NewChild2 "CurrencyCode", "EUR"
Set Systems = ProductHeader.NewChild("Systems", "")
Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("tblBOM_Records")
If rst.RecordCount = 0 Then
    MsgBox "Nothing to Process"
    GoTo Exit_Func
    Exit Function
End If
tmpSystemLine = 0
tmpSystem = ""
Do While Not rst.EOF
    If tmpOrder <> rst![Order Number] Then  ' new section
        tmpOrderLine = 1
        tmpItemNo = 1
        Set System = Systems.NewChild("System", "")
        System.NewChild2 "SystemNumber", tmpSystemLine
        System.NewChild2 "SystemName", "SYSTEM_ASSY"
        System.NewChild2 "SystemIDNumber", rst![Order Number] & "." & tmpSystemLine
        System.NewChild2 "Quantity", "1"
            Set SystemItems = System.NewChild("SystemItems", "")
    End If
    If tmpSystem <> rst![Lot_code_Sap] Then
        tmpSystemLine = tmpSystemLine + 1
        Set SystemItem = SystemItems.NewChild("SystemItem", "")
        SystemItem.NewChild2 "OriginalItemNumber", tmpOrderLine & "." & tmpSystemLine
        SystemItem.NewChild2 "Product", rst![Lot_code_Sap]
        SystemItem.NewChild2 "Description", rst![Order Number]
        SystemItem.NewChild2 "Quantity", 1
        Set ATOComponents = SystemItem.NewChild("ATOComponents", "")
        tmpItemNo = 1
    End If
                    Set ATOComponent = ATOComponents.NewChild("ATOComponent", "")
                    ATOComponent.NewChild2 "ATOItemNumber", tmpOrderLine & "." & tmpSystemLine &amp; "." & tmpItemNo
                    ATOComponent.NewChild2 "Product", rst!Product
                    ATOComponent.NewChild2 "Description", rst![Product type]
                    ATOComponent.NewChild2 "Quantity", rst!Qty
                    ATOComponent.NewChild2 "UnitCost", "0"
        tmpOrder = rst![Order Number]
        tmpSystem = rst![Lot_code_Sap]
        tmpItemNo = tmpItemNo + 1
rst.MoveNext ' goto the next line

'  Save the XML:
Dim success As Long
success = xml.SaveXml("c:\SAP_XML_Test.xml")
If (success <> 1) Then
    MsgBox xml.LastErrorText
End If
Set rst = Nothing
Set ProductHeader = Nothing
Set Systems = Nothing
Set System = Nothing
Set SystemItems = Nothing
Set ATOComponents = Nothing
Set ATOComponent = Nothing
End Function

Catex Exhibition 8-10 Feb

Feb 04

We will be attending the Catex Exhibition in the RDS on the 8, 9 and 10th of February, presenting the latest features of our Van sales system and demonstrating the integration to Sage and Intact.

You can visit us at Stand C34

If you need some help on a project drop leave a comment on the post and I will reply.