Oracle ODBC Timeout Issues

Jan 26

We have had a number of issues with Access database giving the following error

[ODBC][Ora]ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

Assuming you can access the ODBC database source directly the issue can be fixed by changing the Access query properties. Click on the query and select design , right click in the query and select properties, change the value for ODBC Timeout from 60 to 0( 0 is no timeout)

Save the query and retry.

2 Digit Year Issue

Jan 18

Some of our clients were having issues with date entry in various applications since the 1st of Jan

The issue relates to how windows interprets a 2 digit year. Under control panel, regional and language, click on customize , then click on the date tab.  The first section the calendar shows the range of years used to interpret the 2 digit year. This was set to 1911 to 2010 on some PC’s- when they entered a date for 2011 as 2 digits windows converted the year to 1911.

To fix this simply move the year to 2050.

If you need some help on a project drop leave a comment on the post and I will reply.